Monday, May 28, 2012

7 Baths Did Naaman Take

2 Kings 5 was our text this week discussing Naaman.  For our introductory craft I used baby powder to put leprous spots on the girls.  I had a mason jar with clean water and one with water mixed with dirt from our garden to represent the Jordan River.  After learning a song about Naaman, I had the girls dip their leprous finger in the Jordan 7 times to make it clean.  I left the waters of the Jordan on the table for the rest of the week as a reminder.

The preschool craft for Naaman made use of a blue plastic cup, a homemade die cut which the girls drew leprous spots on, and a craft stick.  Then they dipped their Naaman in the Jordan 7 times and turned over the die cut to the other side where he was clean!

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